Why does my Polaris Pool Cleaner go in Circles?

Why does my Polaris Pool Cleaner go in Circles

Sometimes your Polaris pool cleaner gets stuck in the corner of the pool by the steps; other times, it goes in circles. This is most likely caused when pool cleaners are left in the pool 24/7 when the water is cold or cools off from a warm day.

The plastic hose gets memory and curls slightly. If your Polaris 65 is turning continuously in a circle rather than randomly left or right, the randomizer ball is not coming free from the steering port.

Being stuck means too much leakage into the steering section when the flow should be minimum. Here, we’ll explain in detail the reasons why does my Polaris pool cleaner go in Circle?

Why Does My Polaris Pool Cleaner Go in Circle?

Most of the time, pressure cleaner circling is caused by too much flow coming into your cleaner. So, you need to adjust the flow coming into your cleaner. To find the solution to this problem, you must consider these points.

why does my polaris pool cleaner go in circles

1.    Check the top

Check the float on top of the cleaner and see if it is holding water. Replace it and ensure it is screwed into the cleaner’s body.

2.    Lay the hose

Lay the hose and cleaner on the pool deck for a few days in the sun to heat the hose straight. A hose that is curled and laid in the sun will make the cleaner run in circles.

3.    Ensure the returns

Ensure that your returns on the pool are not set too high resulting in pushing the cleaner hose around.

4.    Take the top off

Take the top off of the cleaner and check the belts.

5.    Look inside

Look inside the cleaner for any hoses that have blown off their connectors. 6. Check the tire treads and move them from one side to the other.

6.    Check the tire treads.

Check the tire treads and move them from one side to the other.

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Polaris 280 Going in Circles

Why does my Polaris 280 going in Circles? Here are some solutions to help your cleaner work normally as it should. Apply them one by one and see which works for you.

polaris 280 going in circles

Solution 1 – Check the Wheels

Lift it off the bottom. Do you see all the wheels turning at the same pace? It might be something gummed up inside and is causing havoc.

Solution 2 – Check the Back

Check the back; there is a jet there that you can maneuver around when you loosen the screws that hold it. Move the jet, so it’s pointing even and centered, tighten the screws back up and try it out.

Solution 3 – Rebuilding

I could bet now that the issue is a broken drive belt. The way to uncover this is to open it up carefully. In this case, the turbine or belt might be old and weary, where only one wheel is being driven forward, causing it to circle.

You can get a rebuild kit on Amazon (CHECK ON AMAZON) or a Polaris store (which costs more). Polaris units need a yearly service, which is why Polaris sells rebuild kits and maintenance kits.

Polaris pool cleaners need to be rebuilt every 3-5 years. Your manual should have an exploded diagram. If it looks too techy, you should take it to an Authorized Polaris repair facility. Many will explain the process to you if you buy the parts.

Solution 4 – Check the Float

This is the final solution for Polaris 280 going in a circle. Check the float on the top of the cleaner and see if it is holding water.

If it is, you should replace it and ensure it is screwed into the cleaner’s body. Next, lay the cleaner and hose straight out on the pool deck for a couple of days in the sun to heat the hose straight.

A hose that is curled and laid in the sun will make the cleaner run in circles, so why does my Polaris pool cleaner go in Circle? Ensure that your returns on the pool are not set too high resulting in pushing the cleaner hose around.

Why does my Polaris Pool Cleaner Float?

A floating pool cleaner is not doing its job. Nothing will remove the algae and debris from the bottom if it is bobbing around the water. The primary reason why my Polaris pool cleaner float? Is there air somewhere in the line?

Why does my Polaris Pool Cleaner go in Circles

The bad news is air bubbles can enter the hose and cleaner from various points, so let us figure out why does my Polaris pool cleaner float.

1.    Pool Cleaners Float When the Hose Connections are Loose

You can find replacement parts for most pool cleaners online or in a local pool store. Please ensure they are the correct measurements that match your cleaner since there are plenty of sizes to choose from.

2.    Broken or Cracked Hose Sections Bring Air into the Line, Making the Cleaner Float Around

According to the Hunker, one of the main reasons pool cleaners float or don’t move around is because one of the hoses is bringing air into the system. Since air is lighter than water, the pool cleaner floats.

3.    Damaged or Worn -o- rings Will Make the Vacuum Float Around Your Swimming Pool

O-rings are found in your pumps, filter, heater, booster pump, and almost every other component on the equipment pad. They are required to keep the water from escaping but also stop air from entering the system.

4.    If water Enters the Float head, It’ll Flip the cleaner.

Only a handful of pool cleaners have float heads. If your Polaris or Pentair pool cleaner is floating, the floating head could be the culprit. It is designed to keep the cleaner from pressing too hard onto the ground, but it will tip on its side if water enters.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Float Adjustment

Sometimes to find the answer to why my Polaris pool cleaner go in Circle. You have to see the Polaris pool cleaner float adjustment. Swimming pools require regular vacuuming and other forms of cleaning to stay clean.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Float Adjustment

Automatic pool cleaner rolls over the sides and bottom of a pool, driven by water pressure from the pump, picking up debris in the process. Like most automatic pool vacuums, the Polaris 280 needs to be adjusted to perform correctly.

So Polaris pool cleaner float adjustment says if your vacuums fail to clean the entire pool, do not climb the walls or move too slowly, the likelihood is that the device’s wheels are not operating at the optimal revolutions per minute.

Other operating problems can be caused by a jet nozzle not being aimed correctly or a hose that isn’t long enough, which can be remedied.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Instruction

Why does my Polaris pool cleaner go in Circle? To find the answer, you have to check Polaris pool cleaner instructions. Here are some instructions you must follow, so before you start, please check.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Float Adjustment

  • Before installing the Polaris cleaner, make sure the pool filter is clean New plumbing lines should be flushed out before installing the Polaris cleaner.
  • The Polaris cleaner should not be used to remove plaster dust in new pools.
  • Always disconnect the cleaner before cleaning or backwashing the pool filter.
  • After cleaning or backwashing, let the filtration system run for at least five (5) minutes before reconnecting the cleaner.
  • Always remove the cleaner from the pool before chemical shock treatments, such as super oxidation or chlorination.
  • Solar heating systems, ozone generators, and other air-inducing equipment may cause airflow through the cleaner, adversely affecting cleaner balance and performance. Plumb the dedicated cleaner line upstream of these components.
  • Highly chlorinated water can cause maintenance problems. Avoid running the Polaris cleaner while chlorinating.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshoot

Many things can go wrong with a pool cleaner, including damage from falling tree limbs, animals, and even the sun. Of course, these are much more likely if you leave your Polaris pool cleaner out.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Float Adjustment

In the open instead of storing it in a shed or garage. We’ll assume you’re putting your pool cleaner away when you’re not using it and focus on problems that can crop up while it’s in use.

Your Polaris Pool Cleaner Stops Moving

Why does my Polaris pool cleaner go in Circle? There could be many reasons. A common problem with automatic pool cleaners is they stop moving. There it is, happily vacuuming the bottom of your pool when it suddenly stops.

Your Polaris Pool Cleaner Stops Moving

Problems with Polaris pool cleaners can occur in a variety of ways. Some Polaris pool cleaners may fail to operate at all. A broken drive belt is a common cause of problems with this pool cleaner.

If you notice the tail of your pool cleaner waving back and forth, the drive belt may be broken. This is one of the most common problems but cannot be easily pinpointed. Fortunately, there are several easy troubleshooting methods.

1. Broken Tail Sweep

Another problem with your Polaris pool cleaner may be the broken tail sweep. This can cause it to slow down or circle when full. To fix this problem, first, check the speed of the machine.

It will be unable to clean the pool if its tail sweep is broken or is leaking water. It is important to remember that this is a common problem for these types of pool cleaners. But if you suspect a problem with the tail sweep.

2. Float Hose Leak

If you notice that the float hose leaks, this may be a problem with the cleaner. The float hose collects debris and water and returns it to the unit. If the float hose leaks, the pressure in the filter nozzle will decrease,

preventing the unit from working properly. You may try using waterproof tape to patch the leak, but this will wear off after a while. You should purchase a new quick disconnect to keep your Polaris pool cleaner running smoothly.

3. Machine Gets Stuck

In case the machine gets stuck, you can check its rpm. If you want to check the wheel’s speed, you can measure it by marking one side tire with colored tape. If the rpm of this wheel is less than six rpm, then the backup valve is defective.

It is essential to clean the filter screen, filter, and skimmer basket. The hose should be long enough to reach the farthest point of the wall connection. You may have to remove the restriction disk if it is longer than that.

4. Water Leak

Check the hose for kinks or tangles if you are experiencing a water leak. If the hose is tangled, replace it. Also, make sure that the hose is properly placed and does not get tangled in the process.

Tangled hoses are usually the result of a tangled hose. A waterlogged hose incorrectly placed floats or improper placement can lead to tangled hoses.

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FAQs Why does my Polaris Pool Cleaner go in Circle?

Why Is My Pool Vacuum Spinning In Circles?

However, it’s best to know the cause before finding a solution for the cleaner. Your pool robot is going in circles because its feet are unevenly worn, the hoses are tangled, the swivels are jammed, or there’s a broken belt.

Why Does My Polaris Stay in The Corner?

Adjust the float about 1 inch from the mast pipe. So push it all the way in and then pull back about an inch. If it still gets stuck, adjust the thrust jet at the back by slightly losing the screws around the base of the jet and playing around with it until it covers the pool.

Why Did My Polaris Pool Cleaner Stop Working?

A Polaris cleaner has water tubes inside that direct pressure throughout the cleaning unit. They can sometimes become disconnected, reducing the internal pressure and making the cleaner stop moving.


A pool cleaner is one of the best investments you can make. It can save you a ton of time you’d otherwise spend vacuuming and skimming your pool. One of the best-known brands in pool cleaners is Polaris and for a good reason.

They’re reliable, they work well, and let’s face it, they’re cute little underwater robots. But sometimes you have to face why does my Polaris pool cleaner go in Circle? Before you toss it and go back to manual cleaning.

Try your hand at Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting. Identifying the problem is half the battle. Whether it is a floating problem or an adjustment, if you follow the instructions properly, you can fix it yourself.

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