How To Vacuum An Above Ground Pool

How To Vacuum An Above Ground Pool

How To Vacuum An Above Ground Pool? Whether you are the new owner of a pool in the field or have recently taken over the cleaning duty, you will have to vacuum sooner or later. The manual vacuum system consists of a head with brushes and rollers, a large roll of ribbed plastic pipe, and a long metal or fiberglass pole.

 Vacuuming the pool can be a problem, but it’s easier than balancing the water’s chemistry. Therefore, if you want to neglect your maintenance schedule, keep in mind that debris on the bottom of the pool can lead to algae growth. Swimming in dirty green water is no fun.

Use a leaf lake or skimmer to remove leaves, insects, and other pool surface debris. Check the skimmer basket and clean it if necessary. Turn on the pump and make sure that the water passes through the filter. Visit this article on Pools pumps for above ground pool.

Attach the swivel end of the suction hose to the suction head. Attach the head to the extension. Lower the assembly into the pool and extend the pole until the suction head reaches the bottom. Lock the pole in place and lean against the side of the pool for easy access to the return water outlet.

Hold the free end of the suction hose in front of the water return outlet and fill the hose with water. Place a hand on the post to prevent the head from floating on the surface of the water as air is forced out of the pipe. Continue to prime the hose until the hose is full of water and the suction head generates no bubbles.

Leave the end of the hose submerged in water and pull it away from the return water outlet to secure the skimmer disc. Slide the skimmer disc onto the skimmer above the suction port to start the vacuum.

 Alternatively, some vacuum cleaners require the end of the hose to be plugged directly into the suction port if you need to pull the end of the hose out of the water and insert the hose or skimmer disc into the suction port, do so as soon as possible to prevent too much air from returning to the hose.

Stand with a clear view of the bottom of the pool. Slowly move the suction head back and forth over the bottom of the pool, slightly overlapping the previous pass with each new path of the head. Always keep your head in the water. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner will not start. Continue vacuuming until the bottom is spotless.

How To Vacuum An Above Ground Pool

How To Vacuum An Above Ground Pool

Step- by Step Process to Vacuum Above Ground Pool With Garden Hose:


Attach the female part of the vacuum cleaner to the telescopic pole. If you have lock pins, use them to enhance security.


Take the garden hose and secure it to the threaded tip of the installed vacuum cleaner. Attach the other end to the water source.


Attach the collection bag to the remaining holes in the suction attachment.


Vacuum the garden hose, gently place it in the pool, and make sure the other end of the hose is firmly connected to the faucet.

Step 5:

Attach the vacuum bag in the opening on the right side of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 6:

Make sure the pool filtration system is turned off and the water is turned on. When finished, immerse the vacuum cleaner directly in the pool.

Step 7:

-Start moving the vacuum cleaner back and forth slowly across the surface. This will thoroughly vacuum the pool and remove all debris.

If the vacuum has no suction, remove the vacuum and empty the collection bag. Don’t hurry. Instead, follow the step-by-step process above and take the time to clean the entire pool.

Step- by Step Process to Vacuum An Above Ground Pool Through The Skimmer:

Vacuum An Above Ground Pool Through The Skimmer

Step 1:

Clean the pool filter thoroughly and clean the pump basket, which is part of the pre-vacuum procedure.


Stop the pool circulation pump and close the valve in front of the pump so that the suction force of the pump is directed towards the skimmer inlet.


Attach the suction head to the end of the telescopic pole.

Step 4:

Fix the suction hose’s end with the swivel sleeve to the hose attached to the suction head.

Step 5:

Clear the skimmer cover, remove the strainer basket and clean all debris.

Step 6:

Remove the strainer basket and put it back in the skimmer.

Step 7:

Obtain the stationery cuff on the other end of the vacuum cleaner and connect it to the hose attached to the vacuum cleaner plate.

Step 8:

Dive the suction head deep into the pool and grab the rest of the suction hose underwater. This will fill the suction pipe with water.

Step 9:

Turn on the circulation pump in the swimming pool.

Step 10:

-Use the attached suction plate to insert the end of the suction hose into the inlet of the skimmer. Try to install the vacuum plate and lock it just above the skimmer basket.

Step 11:

-Start the pool’s suction and when the process is complete, turn off the circulation pump and remove the vacuum plate. When finished, remove any debris sucked from the strainer basket.

Step 12:

Unlock the valve to suck water from the main drain.

Step 13:

Remember to rewash the filter in case the pressure reading is exceeded.

The last words:

You have a pool on the ground and are worried about how to clean it, so you might even wonder about running an advanced robot pool cleaner or a manual pool vacuum cleaner.

The important thing is to store the right equipment to vacuum the pool. When you’re done, you need to step through the process. Whether you’re cleaning your pool with a garden hose or vacuuming with a skimmer, first check the size of your pool and make sure these ideas give you the best results.