How to Tell if Pool is Leaking

How to Tell if Pool is Leaking

Looking for ‘how to tell if the pool is leaking? We have got your back. Pool leaking is easy to understand, and there are different easy ways to remove leaking. This article will help you understand the pool leaking.

As we know, pool leaking can cause when the water level extends; any other change occurs, standing water or corrosion at the pumps or near the pipes are the common signs of pool leaking.

Pool leaking is natural for the pools to lose water; we will discuss different stages of how you can control the leaking and find the reasons for the leaking.

So, in this article, we will discuss ‘how to tell if pool is leaking.

How to Tell if Pool is Leaking?

This article discusses ‘how to tell if pool is leaking. Because when pool leaking occurs, it can cause different problems for homeowners. It can cause due to disturbance of the water level.

Pool leaking can cause an overflow of the water, or a common thing is evaporation; water can evaporate in the form of vapors. That looks like a cloud or smog.

How to Tell if Your Inground Pool is Leaking

It can vary at varying speeds depending on the humidity, air, wind condition, and temperature. And the rate of use of the pool. Because when wind or heat speed varies, they can cause evaporation or any leakage in the pipes and cause pool leaking.

To detect pool leaks, wait for the water to be completely still. Standing outside of the pool. Inspect the pool bottom all the way around. The leaked water travels through the earth and leaves noticeable valleys where it was once flat.

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Pool Pipe Leak Detection

Most leaks cannot occur in the ground pool piping. There can be different reasons for the leaking. Air bubbles it is a common sign in your pipelines. During the pump runtime of the pool, air bubbles can cause an issue that needs further diving into.

You can find a leak in the pool; first, look for evidence of a leak around the pool and check for leaks at the equipment pad. After all, you will do a task as perform the bucket test to see if it’s a leak or just evaporation.

After it, you need to use a dye test to confirm a leak’s location and hire a skilled pool expert to repair the leak. This way, you can find the pool pipe leak detection. And you will be able to find out how to tell if pool is leaking.

Where Does Water go When Pool Leaks?

The pool may develop cracks, and the pool or pool floor may settle into the earth, causing more damage. A plumbing leak might result in mechanical problems with your pool. Such as damage to the pumps.

Where Does Water go When Pool Leaks

There are two types of plumbing systems that pump water forward and backward. Here pressurized plumbing system is needed that pumps water back to the pool after it has passed through the filter.

The filtered water returns to the pool through the jet or return inlets. The plumbing that returns the water from the filter to the pool is often referred to as return plumbing.

When the pool leaks, water goes toward the ground. It travels downward by gravity. If the leak is significant, it can create a bit of groundwater mound in tight soils. Then it travels with the groundwater.

How to Find Leak in Concrete Pool?

It is a common problem for every concrete pool owner because many dollars are consumed on them. If any leakage occurs in the pool, many dollars, like hundreds to thousands, the cost is needed for repair.

How to Find Leak in Concrete Pool

There are three types of leaks, Structural leaks, Fitting Leaks, and Plumbing Leaks.

1.    Structural Leaks

When there is a crack in the pool’s shell occurs, it will be a structural leak. They are caused due to poor construction.

2.    Fitting Leaks

And fitting leaks occur when a fitting in any penetration through the pool shell. Because the concrete pool is not water-tight, that’s why opportunities for pool leaking are more. It occurs due to loosely fitting.

3.    Plumbing Leaks

Correct installation is necessary. Without it, pool leaking occurs. When it is held with the straps, you can rest easily so that your plumbing will not move because it runs to the ground.

You can cause plumbing leaks due to the movement of the system. That resulted leak in the plumbing. Corrosion is another way that causes pool leaking in the swimming plumbing pool system.

  • When a crack or any gap has remained in the vessel, it causes concrete leaks.
  • Standing water around the pool
  • Loose tiles
  • Adding more water than usual
  • Algae growing after chemical treatment

And these are different causes that cause pool leaking.

How to Tell if Your Inground Pool is Leaking?

There are different ways to detect leakage in pool professionals.

Compressed air is used to pressurize a pipe. The air travels in the water until it reaches the leakage. At that point, you will generate bubbles and reveal the leakage to us. In this way, you can find the leakage point.

You can also use food color by injecting it into the dye and squirting a small amount of color in the water to confirm a leakage in the inground pool. The food color may be red, yellow, or blue.

You can use chemicals because the chemical inconsistency level also indicates pool leakage when your pool demands more chemicals daily to compensate for the loss. It is a sign of leakage in the pool.

If you take care of your pool and keep it usually neat and clean, and you observe that the algae are producing now more speedily than the previous one or the water will be discolored, that is the alarm of leakage in the pool.

How to Tell if Pool Main Drain is Leaking?

How to Tell if Pool Main Drain is Leaking

When you find the leak in the main pool drain, the water pressure tells you where the leak is. Because pressure can drop quickly until the position of pool leakage is reached.

You can see the air is present between the leak level and the water level. That will tell you that the main pool drain is leaking. Because when water is escaping from the leak and air is trapped, that will tell you that the main drain is leaking.

If there is a leak in the pool’s main drain, at or above the pool’s water level, you can see the quick drop to 0 psi because air supports the full column of the water in the pool.

How to Tell if Above Ground Pool is Leaking?

When you see your above-ground pool is leaking, it is extremely complicated to resolve the leakage. The first you see the pool pieces of equipment when the leak is inside the pool.

Above-ground pools are easier and less expensive to build. Because pool liners consist of thin vinyl, they can easily be pierced by sharp items or worn down by repeated contact to pool chemicals.

It would help if you looked closely at the equipment; when you find moisture, take a handy towel, wipe the dry area and wait for the wetness to appear. And sure, to look at all the components. In an area you suspect a leak.

Pool Leaking Underground

Pool Leaking Underground

The part that takes water from your pool to be filtered and pulls it back when it is clean. Once filtered, the pressurized system carries the water to the pool, and return lines push the water back in.

When the pool leaks due to any breakage in the plumbing system, water can extract from high concentration to low concentration, meaning towards the underground surface in the lakes or oceans.

Pool leaking can be caused by various factors, including improper pool winterization. Even a tiny pool leak may seriously harm your pool construction, plumbing, mechanical system, and water quality over time.

FAQs: How to Tell if Pool is Leaking

Dropping water is a clear sign that water is leaking. But it's important to tell the reason for leaking, like pool leaking, evaporation, or anything else. So, there are different reasons for leaking.

Any cracks or falling tiles, wet spots, high water bills, water under equipment, air or dirt blowing into the pool, algae growth, etc., are the reasons for pool leaking. And by water flow underground is the clearest sign that the pool liner is leaking.


To sum up, in this article, we discussed ‘how to tell if pool is leaking. You will find different hints and ways to find pool leakage reasons. And how will we get rid of the pool leaking?

We discussed many reasons that caused pool leaking and how you get rid of them; all these things are clearly described in this article which will help you understand ‘how to tell if pool is leaking. Visit MrPoolExpert for more amazing guides about pool cleaning and amazing pool cleaner reviews.