How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile – Complete Guide

How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile

Pool water contains many minerals in it. Sometimes calcium is deposited on pool tiles. In this situation, How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile?

Calcium is present in water. Pools always remain filled with water; therefore, calcium starts to be deposited on the walls and pool surface after some time. Deposited calcium causes many problems to pool.

Therefore it is necessary to remove it. Different chemicals and methods are used for this purpose. Now we are going to discuss,

How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile?

Hard water consists of many minerals. In the summer evaporation process occurs; due to evaporation, water droplets evaporate, and minerals are left in the pool. Due to excess minerals, they start to deposit on the walls and floor of the pool surface.

How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile

Scales formed at mineral deposited places. These scales are primarily due to calcium deposition. Removing the calcium scale from the pool is necessary to maintain its beauty.

What are calcium scales?

Two types of calcium deposition occur. One is that pool water consists of calcium, which is attached to pool walls and is formed at pool walls layers by layers over time. These are called Calcium carbonates.

The second type of calcium deposition is due to hard water in the pool calcium stones, or deposition occurring at the pool surface. This type of calcium deposit on called Calcium silicates.

It is necessary to remove both types of calcium from the pool. Now important point,   How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile? And, why is it necessary to remove it?

Removal of calcium scales is necessary

Many types of minerals are present in pool water. Due to excess some time, they start deposited at pool walls. These are called calcium deposits.

It is essential to maintain your pool. because it can cause many damages, for example, irritation to the eyes, skin problems, spoiling the beauty of your pool, and damage to your pool water filter.

These hard scales are deposited and can only be removed by unique treatments. If these are not removed, they will ruin your pool tiles. If these calcium scales pass through your pool water filter, they can decrease the efficiency of the pool filter.

Because the pool filter can not handle hard material filtration, in this way, damages will be increased and will become difficult to handle.

Therefore it is necessary to remove calcium with time to save from hard work and tension.

Here the question is, How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile? What methods should be used for this purpose? After how long should you remove calcium from pool tiles?

Methods used for removal of calcium from pool tiles

Straightforward methods are present for removing calcium scales from pool tiles. Here we will guide you on how can you remove calcium deposits.

Calcium remover

It is a type of chemical which is used to remove calcium deposited on the pool surface. First of all, you should empty your pool of water. Then remove complex layers with a hammer or any other hard material.

After it applies, calcium is released or removers at the calcium deposited surface. Leave it for the required time, which will be mentioned in your calcium remover packing instructions.

Bubbles will start forming when a reaction occurs at the calcium deposited place after bubbles formation; uses a Scrubbing brush or pad to scrub the calcium deposited area where you applied calcium remover.

With the help of scrubbing, you will remove all calcium layers, saving the tiles’ beauty. It will not damage pool tiles and is a straightforward method. No extra precaution is necessary for this method.

Calcium removers are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. These will not harm your body and also will not harm your pool water.

After cleaning the surface with water, apply the Sealer at that place. The sealer helps to stop calcium deposition in the future for a limited time. It means it will resist calcium deposition in that area.

Pool Calcium Removal Service

Pool Calcium Removal Service

Removal of deposited calcium is essential. Because if these are not removed, they can spoil your pool beauty, damage your pool water pump, and make water hard. In this way, the ph of pool water will be increased.

High ph water can damage your skin, and irritation of the eyes can b start. These problems will recover with time. To prevent these problems, it is necessary to remove calcium from pool tiles within the proper time.

Different methods are present. For example, include using pumice stone, vinegar, baking soda, and calcium releaser.

Use of pumice stone

Pumice stone is also a type of simple stone or hard surface material. It is also used for removing calcium deposition from the pool surface. A pumice stone or nylon brush removes calcium from Tile or concrete.

It would help if you did not use it in the soft area. It is arduous because much energy is used for scrubbing with stone or brush.

For this purpose, use a drill machine and attach the stone or brush. It will become a more straightforward process. Before applying the process, wet your pool tiles. You can damage dry tiles by scrubbing.

Not any chemicals are needed for this purpose. Only a simple machine, pumice stone, or brush is required. This method is the time taken.

Cleaning Pool Tile With Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda to remove calcium deposits from pool walls. It is also the best and easy method. Dissolve baking soda in water, then apply it to walls with high pressure with the help of a machine/ pump.

You should use this method only if you are professional and have a high-pressure pump. Otherwise, it can damage your pool walls and also can harm you. So, precautions are necessary for this method.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Muriatic Acid?

Acids are used for removing calcium deposits. Acids will break down the calcium surface and remove its layers. Acids are mainly used for pool surface calcium removal. You can remove its means calcium silicates with acid.

Acid should flow at the pool surface and give it proper time for reaction. After it, the pool surface should clean with a brush or scrubbing pad. It will remove all calcium from the surface and make your pool surface clean and clear.

One side effect of this method is that it will be made pool surface irregular and spoil its smoothness. Because acid will also react will pool tiles and also lose their smoothness. Therefore this method should only adopt in severe and rare conditions.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer means applying water to the pool surface with immense pressure to remove calcium silicates. It means a pressure washer is used only to remove calcium from the pool surface, which is in the form of stones.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer

For this purpose pump and water are required. You can purchase or take at rent from any local market a pressure washer. Take a pressure washer, connect it with water, and spray/ wash your pool surface.

It is a straightforward method. One thing that is necessary for this method is that your pool surface should be smooth so that it can allow flowing away all the material from the surface.

If the pool surface is broken or in bad condition, it will block the flow of calcium stones from the pool surface.

How To Clean Pool Tile With Vinegar?

Vinegar is also a good and harmless use for removing calcium deposition from pool tiles. For this purpose, first of all, you should lower the water volume in the pool. Calcium-deposited surfaces should be empty, which means no water should be present.

Then add vinegar to the water. Take a brush. Then apply this vinegar water one by one tile and scrub with the brush. It removes calcium layers easily. This method is beneficial only if it will adopt regularly.

If you follow this method regularly, you will need no other chemicals or stones to remove calcium. If complex layers of calcium are present, then this method is insufficient for removing calcium from pool tiles.

FAQs: How to remove calcium from pool tile?

Pool tile cleaner means products used for removing calcium from pool tiles. You can remove deposited calcium with pumice or simple stone, and scale remover is also used to inhibit calcium deposition.

All methods are easy and time-saving, but the best method is using calcium remover or calcium releaser. It will take no more time, and not any pump or machine is required.

It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Therefore it has no side effects and is a straightforward method.


Calcium deposition is a widespread problem in pools. It is necessary to remove calcium; otherwise, it will damage your pool’s beauty and pump. Here,  How To Remove Calcium From Pool Tile?

Calcium releaser, pumice stone, vinegar, and baking soda remove calcium from the pool surface. The best method is to use calcium remover. It is non-toxic. For more amazing content regarding pool cleaners visit our website