How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool – Complete Guide

How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool

When you’re wondering how much does it cost to heat a pool? Remember that the price of heating your pool is determined by what kind of heater you choose. Pool heating can be costly, but it does not have to be.

A heater appears to be a status symbol for several pool owners. It seems there is the ongoing cost of the heater to consider, as well as the expenses of construction and configuration.

But, if you don’t have a pool heater, you could lose out on days or weeks of poolside fun each year. With the appropriate pool heater, you can enjoy your swimming all year long, even though the weather turns chilly.

You’ll learn how much does it costs to heat a pool. And also learn the average cost to heat a pool, the cost to heat a pool with gas, the cost to heat a pool calculator, and others.

How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool?

Many factors would go into deciding which pool heater you require and how much does it cost to heat a pool? You can select from various options that vary mainly in terms of energy source, current price, and operational expenses.

The latest heater can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on your chosen model. The heater you’ll require to do the work correctly and the operating costs over the next 12 years are heavily influenced.

How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool

You’ve probably heard of solar heating, heat pumps, and gas pool heaters. You are confused about which choice is the greatest and how they operate! Let’s go over each option’s advantages and disadvantages to save time.

Pool Heater Types

There are 3 major pool heaters to select from, which are distinguished mainly in terms of their source of energy, current price, and operational expenses. The latest heater can cost anywhere from $1,100 to $8,600, based on the model you would like.s

 Types of Heater  Price Range
Solar Heater $2,500 to $9,500
Heat Pump $2,400 to $7,800
Gas Pool Heater $1,400 to $6,400

Option.1: Solar Heaters

     Analysis         Expenses
      Tools    $1,900 to $ 8,200
      Worker    $600 to $1,550
      Total    $2,500 to $9750

Solar heaters are more expensive than other heating systems, but so many pool owners find that they pay for themselves over time. Solar heaters use solar panels to turn sunlight into heat for the pool without costing you a cent.

They are also low-preservation, ecologically friendly, and last for 26 to 32 years on average. Solar heaters heat the water slower than other choices, at around 1 to 3 degrees per minute.

It also needs light throughout the year and will not work its best if it is not in front of the sun effectively. It is a good choice for above-ground pools. If you want to buy the best solar heater, you can buy it through this link,

Advantage Of Solar Heater

  • It does not even require a lot of preservation.
  • Free to run
  • Up to 32 years in service
  • Ecologically friendly

Disadvantage Of  Solar Heater

  • Requires sunshine all year
  • Installation expenses are increased.
  • Slows down the heating of the water.


Option.2: Heat Pump

     Analysis        Expenses
     Tools     $1,900 to $6,800
     Worker     $600 to $1,050
     Total     $2500 to $7,850

Heat pumps transform energy into heat using a 220V electronic line and at least a 40-amp circuit. They’re a bit pricey to buy, though they’re not too costly to work with.

Most heat pumps have an eco-friendly power layout that reduces energy consumption and emissions. Heat pumps are perfect for pool owners who are using their pool regularly.

However, if you only need to heat the water occasionally, a heat pump may not be the best option. It heats the water gradually, mainly when it is chilly outside.

Advantage Of Heat Pump

  • Running costs are relatively low.
  • Effective in terms of energy usage
  • An option that is both clean and environmentally friendly.

Disadvantage Of Heat Pump

  • In chilly weather, it gradually heats the water.
  • Installation is quite costly.


Option.3: Gas Pool Heater

        Analysis         Expenses
       Tools      $900 to $4,900
       Worker     $600 to $1,550
       Total      $1,500 to $6,450

A gas pool heater blazes additional natural gas or propane during the combustion process. It heats the copper coils that flow into your pool’s water, rapidly warming it as it returns to the pool.

A gas heater is not dependent on light from the sun or air temperature to work, making it more attractive to people who live in cooler regions. Gas pool heaters are a great suggestion among homeowners since they are simple to set up and quickly warm up.

They’re an excellent option for people who only swim once in a while and want the flexibility to heat and cool their pool as required, as propane allows for absolute temperature regulation.

Running a gas heater will cost you $600 to $1,000 per month, but not more because all-day heating consumes a lot of energy. If you want to buy the best gas pool heater, you can check this

Advantages of Gas Heater

  • Installing it is relatively inexpensive.
  • Quickly warm up the water.
  • Provides accurate temperature control.

Disadvantage Of Gas Heater

  • Operating costs are high.
  • Energy-inefficient
  • Riskier than the alternatives

Average Cost To Heat a Pool

Pools are great for having fun in the sun, but they might be costly to heat. The expense of heating your pool will vary according to the size of your pool as well as the environment where you reside.

But it is crucial to get an estimated figure before purchasing a pool heater. The heat pump does nothing when the air temperature exceeds the water temperature. The heat pump has to put in more effort when the air around it is cold.

 A 25-yard pool costs $2,035 to heat, a 50-yard pool costs $3,051, and a shared 55-yard pool costs $6,382. Installing a pool cover over a heated pool could be the most cost-effective option.

However, choosing a comfortable water temperature is a personal choice; even a few more degrees can make a massive change in power consumption. For instance, the average cost of heating the pool to 76 degrees is $1,000. The cost of raising the temperature to 78 degrees is $1,539.

Wondering about time a pool take to heat? Visit our separate guide on How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool?

How Much Does It Cost To Heat a Pool With Gas?

How Much Does It Cost To Heat a Pool With Gas

One of the most frequent types of pool heaters is the gas pool heating system. Gas pool heating systems use propane or natural gas to warm the pool. Then, through copper coils, runs water that comes back to the pool and warms it.

Even though they are one of the most popular pool heating systems, gas pool heaters are not one of the most inexpensive options available. Even so, it effectively heats the pool, so you’ll pay a higher price for great results.

Gas pool heaters have been the most effective when it comes to heating pools for a limited period. It is also great for rapidly heating a pool for almost any event. The cost will eventually be determined by the pool size and your area’s climate.

How Much Does it Cost To Heat a Pool Calculator?

The cost of heating a pool is determined by several factors, including the size of the pool, how well it is shielded, the climate conditions, and the heating method used. When used wrongfully, it can cost you a considerable amount of cash.

The Pool Energy Calculator was created to help determine how much it will cost to warm your pool with a heat pump. The calculator would then calculate your pool heating bills based on the pool size, destination, and energy prices.

You can display the expenses on various timescales to demonstrate your energy costs based on how much time you would like to spend swimming year-round.

Based on every 30 days in the swimming period, the calculator provides a reasonable estimate of setup and operating costs for all available heating systems. The cost of heating your pool with a 400,000 to 500,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) heater ranges from $4.40 to $5.50 per 60 minutes.

FAQS: How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool?

Although heating a pool can be expensive, there is some stuff you can do to reduce expenses. A variety of variables determines the cost of heating a pool. These variables include the pool's size, desired water temperature, and climate.

The Bottom Line

When are you having trouble figuring out how much does it cost to heat a pool? A pool is a great way to enjoy the summer. However, there is a cost involved with its maintenance. A swimming pool 8 x 24 can cost more than $5,500 to warm.

There are energy-efficient pool heaters that are less expensive to operate while providing the heat you require. Because the cost of an energy-efficient pool heater is a one-time investment, you could save money over the long term by acting now. We hope it’s a little easier; how much does it cost to heat a pool?