How Much Do Pool Pumps Cost

How Much Do Pool Pumps Cost

Determining how much do pool pumps cost is vital as sparking clean pools is the apple of everyone’s eye. To maintain the hygiene of swimming pools, you need a pool pump.

As pool pumps are the main component, and you can say they are the heart of the pool, we need a heart for breathing pool likewise requires a pump for filtration and recirculation of water.

It helps keep debris and litter at bay and prevents the algae from rising. It sucks the water with the help of skimmers and drains and then purifies them by removing plenty of residues, waste, and litter.

How Much Do Pool Pumps Cost?

Pool pump’s cost range from $700 to $1500 with an average of $1100.How much pool pumps cost depends on various factors like the type, size, and brand of the pool pump and any other additional charges incurred for its installation.

Here is a detailed explanation of the factors that influence the cost of the pool pumps.

1)   Types Of Pool Pumps

energy efficient pool pump cost

Several pool pumps are there that work specifically for several pools, and each of them has its unique features. The average cost of induction runs from $80 to $350, excluding the price of the pumps. Some of the typical speeds and their heads are given below:


i- Single Speed

It runs 24 hours a day as it works non-stop, so they consume a more significant amount of electricity. The price range of this falls from $100 to $400.

ii- Double Speed

It has two functions slow speed and fast speed. When it is turned to a slow rate, whether manually or remotely, it consumes less electricity and money, but a quick pace is vital when water requires to be filtered quickly. Price range if this falls between $200 to $800.

iii- Variable speed

It consumes less electricity than dual and single speed but is more costly at installation as you can declare, “one time you invest with time they will return you. Its price falls from $800 to$1200.


i- Low-Head

They are for faster circulating of water used when water flows at a higher rate, but they can not filter the water. Its price falls from $150 to$650.

ii- Medium-Head

It is a commonly used pool pump that is easy to install and used for in-ground and above-ground pools. Its price falls from $300 to $800.

iii- High Head Submersible

They are designed for pools with water elements like slides, spas, waterfalls, etc. They have a 3-inch pipe for water circulation, which needs more recirculation filtration. Its price falls from $800 to $1300.

iv- Solar

They are costly at the time of purchase of equipment and at the time of induction as labor demands more. But over time it will provide you return by producing electricity so electric expensive will be low in this. Its price falls from $500 to $2000 depending on the features and size of the pool.

2)   Size Of Pool

Size Of Pool

Determining the size of the pool is mandatory as the bigger pool with water elements attached to it requires a more powerful pump. If the pump is too small, the water becomes immobile and motionless. As a result, it can not be recycled or filtered correctly.

Debris and litter are still standing on the pool. The pool will remain Unhygienic and dirty, and if the pump size is large, it will consume more energy, so knowing the actual pool size is compulsory here; you can also seek professional guidance for this purpose.

The size of the pump also depends on whether the pool is above the ground or in-ground or if any other water components are attached to it or not.

3)   Brand Of Pump

Brand Of pool Pump

In the market, several brands of pool pumps are specifically designed for different components and elements of the pool. Some quality brands of pool pumps are given below:

a)    Harris Pool Pumps

They are budget-friendly and used for both in and above-ground pool systems. Its best feature is while operating; it will not produce any sound. Its price falls from$200 to $500.

b)    Hayward Pool Pumps

It goes for all types of pooling systems. Its key feature is high efficiency, and it has both variable speed and single speed to match any pool size. Its price falls from $200 to $1200.

c)     Pentair Pool Pumps

They are also very highly fuel efficient. They are digital and can be connected to smartphones to make any adjustments. Its price falls from $600 to $1200.

d)    INTEX Pool Pumps

They are also budget-friendly but designed especially for above-ground pool systems. They have some pumps model that has a digital controlling system. Its price falls from $200 to $500.

Additional Cost:

Some additional customization costs that improved the efficiency of the pool pumps are given below:

  • The pool timer assists the owner if the pump runs when needed and then turns off at a suitable time to save electricity. Its cost falls from $50 to $100.
  • To prevent pools from getting dirty, you can shade the pool. Its price falls from $40 to $400 but can go beyond this if you invest in mesh and solid shade.
  • The filter is installed at the pump installation, but you can also install it alone, so the price falls from $225 to $2900.

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Inground Pool Pump Cost

The cost of an in-ground pool pump falls from $150 $1200 (including the installation price). Any pump will go except those small pumps designed explicitly for the above-ground pool systems for this type of pooling system.

Should We Replace Pool Pump Motor Or Whole Pump?

It is a simple rule if the cost of repairing the motor is more than 70 % of the cost of a new pump, you should buy a new pump.

Replace Pool Pump Motor Or Whole Pump

If you are listening to any screening noises, grinding sounds, and small water leaks, then you should go for the replacement of the motor instead of buying a new pump, as it will save you money.

But if you see that your pump has completed its life (as it is difficult to find its parts for repairing), an extensive leakage, then you should replace the whole pump.

FAQs: How Much Do Pool Pumps Cost?

If the electricity rate is 30 cents per hour so, on an average basis, it will cost 22.5 -40 cents per hour to run.

On average, it can cost from $80 to $800 for a pool pump replacement (including the labor charges), depending upon the type, size, and brand of the pool pump.

It can cost from $700 to $ 2500 or $ 1300 on average. A single-speed pump can cost as low as $500, whereas a medium or dual can cost equal to or upwards of $6000.

An energy-efficient variable pool pump can cost $123 a year to operate. At the same time, a single-speed pump can cost more than $600 to operate.


Maintaining your pool pump and handling it carefully will last 8 to 12 years. As a pump is a primary component of the pools, it will filter the water, enhance the circulation of water and keep debris, dust, litter, and algae from growing.

To maintain the cleanliness and circulation of water, it is necessary to have a pool pump. How much do pool pumps cost depends upon the size, type, and brand of the pool pump and whether the pool is in-ground or above-ground?

By keeping these factors, you can determine the cost of a new pool pump, and professional advice about this matter is also a good idea.