How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make

How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make

Recently I read a success story of a pool cleaner. That person shared that one of his school friends once requested him to help him with one of his pool cleaning tasks because of his assistant’s absence.

After getting the work done, he came to know how much do pool cleaners make. It was good, and he decided to leave his previous work to join his friend. Now they both have their pool cleaning service company.

Nowadays, swimming pools are in vogue. You find them in hotels, bungalows, houses, farmhouses, and parks. They are built in various sizes and designs, beautified, and added with related beautiful, comfortable, and attractive accessories.

How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make?

How much do pool cleaners make? Pool cleaners charge you according to the area, type of pool, and level of service equipment used for cleaning, as modern technology for checking water chemistry and electrical cleaning machines work.

How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make an Hour

They charge you according to the size, design, and level of the untidiness of your pool. There is a difference in pool cleaners’ cleaning charges. Pools need regular maintenance and opening/ closing. According to an estimate, the usual rate for pool cleaners is $15 per hour, and for a company, it is $20 per hour.

Some people prefer to get it daily, some weekly, some monthly, some quarterly, and some annual pool cleaning. Nowadays, individual pool cleaners to pool cleaning service companies are available for pool cleaning.

How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make an Hour?

Pool cleaning charges per hour vary according to the size and type of the pool. If you have regular daily cleaning practice, your pool will not be that much dirty and will take less effort and time.

As of Sep 2022, 10 big cities are identified where the pool cleaners make approximately $17 to $18 per hour. However, in the US, $14.89 are charged hourly by pool cleaners, whereas pool cleaning companies charge $21.15 and as low as $7.93.

How Much Does a Pool Guy Make Cost Per Month?

The monthly cost, including regular cleaning, seasonal opening and closing, repairing inside the pool water chemistry check, and water balancing, revolves around $132. Charges may vary according to size and other factors.

How Much Does a Pool Guy Make Cost Per Month

If you want to rent a professional pool cleaning service for one-time cleaning for a party or other event, it may cost you $235, which may change according to the condition and size of the pool.

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How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make A Year?

The average initial annual income of pool cleaners varies according to location, city, and country. In the US, a pool cleaner earns $15.47 per hour and $32,180 per year. It goes around from $25,000 to $40,000 per annum.

Do Pool Cleaners Make Good Money?

Pool cleaners must clean residential and commercial pools. They not only clean the pool but also make them chemically balanced. According to the requirements, they check filters, amount of debris, pH, and chlorine levels of the water.

They install filters and perform preemptive measures to minimize the possibility of a pool malfunction. With these services pool, cleaners make a good amount of money. They can charge you per hour according to your pool condition.

A professional pool cleaner may earn $50 up to $200 if they use the latest equipment and do maintenance and repair. A pool cleaner who is GED certified and experienced may earn $89000 per annum.

Pool Cleaning Business Startup Cost

If you are fed up with a 9 to 5 dull and drab routine, and you know the answer to the question ‘how much do pool cleaners make?’ A pool cleaning business is perfect for you.

Pool Cleaning Business Startup Cost

You will be happy to know that the pool cleaning business is going high day by day. With time demand has immensely exceeded. You find swimming pools in gyms, hotels, recreational places, and homes.

So, you can earn a handsome amount by starting your pool cleaning adventure.  Start-up cost depends on the location and the plan of your start. An average price of a pool cleaning business start-up may cost you $19,267.

However, it may cost you a minimum of $35 to a maximum of $35,923 regarding your quality, equipment, staffing, location, documentation, filing taxes, getting a license, and registration.

Pool Cleaning Business Startup Tips

Pool Cleaning Business Startup Tips

You must follow the given pathway to start your business, be your boss, and earn a considerable fortune.

Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification (CPO)

Before opening your service station for pool cleaning, identify the areas or states where CPO certifications are compulsory to run your pool business. CPO certifications offer the required training regarding safety and chemistry knowledge.


Documentation is essential for your business, whatever it is. So, first, go and register your company/ services. Secondly, file the tax and do all paperwork regarding insurance, etc.


Obviously! You have to get proper pool cleaning equipment beforehand. It includes water test strips, test kits, pool shock, algae brushes, manual pool vacuum, leaf skimmer, telescopic pole, multi-purpose surface cleaner, filter cleaner, and pool cover.

You can quickly get the equipment from a pool store. Remember, you would need a truck to carry the equipment. So, you must have your office vehicle already for initial and future use.


After all these steps, you need to hire a few staff members for marketing, attending to clients, and above all, pool cleaners. It is always recommended to get certified and experienced pool cleaners.


Quick service, availability, service quality, pricing, and punctuality increase your growth and credibility, attracting more clients and long customer relationships. No doubt customer satisfaction is the priority.

Frequent Queries: How Much Do Pool Cleaners Make?

Weekly pool service is taken to keep an eye on the pH level of the pool water. The cost may differ regarding factors like pool size, type, water chemistry, maintenance, repair, and commercial or residential. It can range from $20 to $50.

It depends on the size and type of the pool. If it is to be cleaned for the first time, it may take hours. However, cleaning may take 1 to 4 hours usually. Green pool water can take 3 to 4 days, depending on the filter and chlorine.

Final Remarks

How much do pool cleaners make? That was the question. So, after the above information, we can easily estimate the worth of being a professional pool cleaner. No doubt, the pool cleaning industry is increasing.

The growth in the pool industry has increased the hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly income of pool cleaners. The more the pool cleaning service is professionally performed, the more they will be paid. For amazing pool cleaner reviews visit our quality guides.