How Hot Tubs Work? Every Thing You need to Know

How Hot Tubs Work? Every Thing You need to Know About Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have many health benefits. It is available on several models with similar operating mechanisms. In order to understand how hot tubs work, you may want to install one in your home. This list of key components of your hot tub will help you learn more about it.

How Does a Hot Tub Work?

Each of the parts of a hot tub has a short description of its function.

Temperature Control

The water temperature is controlled by a digital keypad on the top of the spa. The maximum temperature for most hot tubs is 40 ° C (104 ° F). When you select the desired temperature, the information is transmitted to the control unit that adjusts the temperature. In addition, the user can set the temperature, filtration cycle, and mode from the console. Control pads come in a variety of shapes and button configurations.


So how does it work when considering a hot tub shell? The shell provides an exit for the massage jet. Both water and swimmers are in the shell. They can accommodate 2-3 or more people. In most cases, the shell has a built-in seat for added comfort.

The shell can withstand harsh weather conditions, chemicals, and the weight of the bather. Made of hard plastic or acrylic material for added durability. It also comes with fiberglass or polyurethane foam to increase its ability to support the weight.


Pumps circulate the hot tub’s water. It is the pump that controls the filtration and movement of the jet. Most inflatable hot tubs use two pumps to control the filter and spray. However, the single pump whirlpool is programmed to operate at two speeds, high speed, and low speed. The low-speed work the filter while the high-speed pump controls the jet.

Timers and thermostats help control the speed of the pump while operating the filter. Several switches can adjust the speed of the pump. Water from the filter is sent to the heating coil by the pump. The filtration process usually takes 2-4 hours to complete. Pumps with both a thermostat and a time clock control system provide better filtration.


After the water is filtered, it is pumped through heating. Element in which water is heated to the desired temperature.

Heater equipped with flow switch or overheat upper limit sensors – their purpose is to read the water flow through the heater to prevent the heater from getting hot.

Overheating or drying out due to insufficient water.

Delivery of water to the Spa

After the hot water has passed through a series of pipes reach jet. The Canadian Spa hot tub has jets of various sizes.

Delivery of water to the Spa

Fill the bathtub with water. Adjustable jets allow warming using air induction, Mixes water with air to provide a more pressurized flow.

Hot Tub Jet

The Canadian Spa Company carefully designs and places each jet inside.

Hot tub shells to maximize your spa experience. The latest and most used innovative jet system with stainless steel ball bearings is available

Movement for a smoothly adjustable vibrating massage.

Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator hot tub works by converting oxygen into ozone. the weather is the current passes through a corona discharge (cd) chip or UV lamp – ozone is produced. The airflow is generated through a small tube attached to the ozone generator.

Hot tub airlines. The flow generated by the pump creates a Venturi suction, which Extracts oxygen from the ozone generator. Then oxygen is converted and It is added to ozone and the water in which it dissolves. Ozone improves the water quality of the jacuzzi and helps chemical disinfectants work more efficiently.

Diverter Valve Control

Most spas have extensive diverter valve controls.

This valve at the top of the spa physically controls the flow of water.

One jet zone in the spa is directed to another-you can require more jet power. To one or more passengers by giving them an intense massage.


The lighting helps to increase the night comfort of the hot tub. This is achieved by illuminating the controls and the bathroom. In addition, the lighting improves the appearance of the hot tub at night, making it more attractive. Some lights are white, while others are a combination of different colors. You can set the lighting to change to different colors as usual. Lighting is controlled by a panel at the top of the spa.

Finally, spending time in a luxurious hot tub will offer you and your loved ones many health benefits. Keeping your hot tub running for a long time requires knowing how it works. In addition, some diseases are associated with insufficient disinfection of hot tubs.

Therefore, knowing how a spa filtration system works will help you solve any problems you see. Make sure you have water in your system before turning on the heaters to avoid damaging the spa.

What is the average temperature of the outdoor hot tub?

It depends on time and season. Speaking of summer, most people keep the spa at around 37°C. This is almost the same as body temperature. Much lower than that, the water feels cold. It is normal for it to reach 40°C or even 41/42°C in the middle of winter. Temperatures above 37.5 °C feel warm, but can drop to -5 °C or -6 °C in winter, so water temperatures are needed to combat the cold. Underwater, this heat keeps drinking plenty of water to maintain hydration.

When does the hot tub fill up?

When does the hot tub fill up

Most, if not all, portable hot tubs are filled with hoses. The time it takes to add water depends on the amount of water you need to add to the spa, the size of the pipes you are using, and the pressure of the water. If you are in the UK, you have moderate water pressure, you use a standard UK 3/4 hose, and is suitable for a 300-gallon spa, it will take about 1.5-2 hours. Best temperature for hot tub in summer is in between 97 to 99 degrees.

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Some Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

  • One of the most apparent benefits of a hot tub is its potential to relieve the day’s stress. The calming effect of hot water and massaging action can help relieve physical, emotional, and mental stress.
  • The simple relaxation achieved by diving in the jacuzzi may be enough to allow you to sleep more peacefully.
  • Taking a hot tub may relax stiff muscles, joints, and tendons, relieving some types of pain.
  • Using saunas or hot baths regularly may improve impaired insulin sensitivity and be beneficial for managing diabetes.
  • An hour in a waist-high hot bath burns about as many calories as a 30-minute walk.