Top 5 BEST Intex Hot Tub Reviews 2017 Buying Guide

Do you dream of owning a hot-tub but just don’t have the space or the big budget for a professional installation?

Perhaps you’re having a party and you want it to go with a bang but want your garden back the next day?


The Intex hot tub range might just be the solution. There one minute, gone the next – with a range of portable models that will suit your budget and whatever available space you might have.


Read on for our recommendations for the Best Intex Hot Tub.

Best Intex Hot Tub


Model Number of Bubble Jets Number of Massage Jets Floating chlorine


Salt Water Filtration Size

(Diameter x Height)




Intex 28405E PureSpa Plus Portable Bubble Massage Spa 120 x x 77 x 28 210
Intex PureSpa Plus 170 x x 85 x 28 250
Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub and Pool Set 270 x x 144 x 120

x 28

(Length x Width x Height)

PureSpa Jet Massage Spa Set x 4 77 x 28 210
Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe, Octagon 120 4 x 79 x 28 210

Intex are well-known for their range of quality inflatables. From airbeds and sofas to temporary swimming pools and hot tubs, their products have found a niche for affordable luxury items that can be packed away when they’re not needed.


All of their blow-up hot tubs are built with Intex’s Fiber-Tech Construction technology, offering surprising strength and durability. The body of the units are made from Intex’s patented 3-ply laminated material which is puncture resistant.


Alongside the spa itself, comes a range of accessories designed to enhance your hot-tub experience, including headrests, cup holders and spa seats.


Hygiene requires regular replacement of a filter cartridge that will prevent hair and debris from floating about in your tub. Filters usually last around a month with permanent use. Replacements are usually around £30 for 2.


All models come with a water pump unit that doubles as an inflator, a water heater, a thermal ground sheet, carry bag for transportation and a hard-water treatment system that softens the water, making for a more pleasant spa experience.


Although the Intex hot tub range is perfect for temporary use, many users report no issues with more permanent placement of the products and leave them out for year round use.


The temperature range of all of the featured units are 68-104ºF. This will provide a comfortable spa experience to suit everyone’s requirements. Heating up times differ according to the water capacity and the ambient temperature.

Review of 5 Intex Spa Tubs

1. Intex PureSpa Set

The 28405E is a blow-up hot tub suitable for 4 people. When inflated, it’s 57 inches in inner diameter, 77 inches in outer diameter and 28 inches in height, giving plenty of room for 210 gallons of water.


The water pump and heater unit connects directly to the hot tub. As well as inflating the body of the blow-up hot tub, it also aerates the water with 120 heated bubble jets that fire relaxing bubbles that won’t drop the temperature. It also comes with a locking, insulated lid that will keep the heat in when the tub is out of use.


The unit comes with a floating chlorine dispenser that ensures that the water is clean and safe for use. The filters are easy to clean and change without having to empty the spa first.


One customer on Amazon had to return their hot tub because the weight of the product when filled with water was too heavy for their decking area, so this really needs to be taken into consideration. Including the unit, with 210 gallons of water, the total weight (before people are in the hot tub) is a fairly colossal 1853 lbs.


Some things we liked –

  • Self inflating from the water pump
  • Insulated lid and ground cover help maintain water temperature when out of use
  • Lid is lockable, preventing unwanted accidents


Things we didn’t like

  • The locking clips on the insulated lid are a little flimsy and break easily according to an Intex hot-tub review on Amazon.


2. Intex PureSpa Plus Hot Tub

The PureSpa Plus is suitable for 6 people. It inflates in just 20 minutes and, like the other models, can be deflated easily for storage or for transporting to another location. You might be the most popular person at the party if you bring along your own blow-up hot tub! And at 85 inches in diameter, with 28 inches of height, this will comfortably fit 6 people.


The PureSpa pump actually heats the air up before it pumps it through the water, which means the water keeps its temperature more efficiently than other spa units that blow cold air.  There are 170 high-powered jets that shoot air into the water, so everyone will get a great, stimulating bubble massage.


The hot tub is reinforced by 48 Fibre-Tech beams which make the walls of the spa surprisingly strong and will support a lot of weight. In fact, the walls are so strong, that you can place an optional seat on the side of the spa and just dangle your feet in and it won’t shrink under your weight.


This model comes with 2 inflatable head-rests. More can be purchased for your other guests.


The package comes with an insulated cover, the heated pump unit which doubles as an inflator, water filter / softener, two filter cartridges and an insulated ground-sheet


Some things we liked –

  • The sides are supported by 48 Fibre-Tech beams, making this a really sturdy hot-tub
  • 170 high-powered jets situated around the whole of the spa
  • Fits up to 6 people
  • Comes with 2 inflatable head rests.


Things we didn’t like –

  • Like all inflatables, it loses air over time. There are quite a few reports of this unit requiring topping up. Although this is normal for this type of product, this seems to be a fairly common complaint with this model according to Amazon reviews.


3. Intex PureSpa Hot Tub and Pool Set

The PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub and Pool Set certainly looks impressive, with 2 tubs in one unit. It ships in a large box that would need at least two people to carry. When fully inflated, this is a big item at 12ft in length and 10ft in width!


According to the Intex hot tub reviews on Amazon, there’s a mix of positive and negative feelings about this particular model, although the majority are positive. It seems that the lower customer reviews were due to a fault with the item heat pump and the customer service with Intex afterwards wasn’t rated very highly. Others say that the water level drops after a couple of days as the weight of the water sets into the hot tub. However, in general, most reviewers were pretty satisfied.


The hot tub and pool set comprises of a 4 person, heated hot-tub and an unheated plunge pool section with an attached step / bench, which could double up as a sun lounger. A reviewer on YouTube suggests that you inflate the benches first, as the pump unit might struggle to reach both sides after the main section is inflated.


The two tubs are clearly marked as “A” for the spa tub and “B” for the pool section. You can pump air through the jets of just A or B or both, controlled with a turn-switch on the pump unit.


There are 270 air jets in this unit – 120 jets in the A section and 150 in the larger B section. It holds 310 gallons of water between the two pools, and has a built-in hard-water treatment system, ensuring that you have a relaxing spa experience with plenty of bubbles. It also comes with an insulated cover that can be lifted for access to just one pool section or both.


The plunge pool is a good feature and well worth consideration. It’s recommended that you use a heated spa for between 15-30 minute periods. Over-use of a heated spa can lead to overheating and light-headedness. The plunge pool offers the opportunity to cool down so you can use the spa for longer.


The pump is a little on the noisy side, so it might not necessarily be the model for the tranquility hunters amongst us, but this would make a great option for a family.  It comes with a pressure gauge that lets you know that your blow-up hot tub is blown up enough!


Things we like –

  • Offers both a heated spa and an unheated plunge pool.
  • The unheated B pool has air jets.
  • Great for a family to use with the plunge pool
  • Comes with a pressure gauge to make sure you don’t over- or under-inflate
  • The insulated cover can be lifted to reveal just the A or B pool.


Things we did’t like –

  • A little noisy. Not great if you’re after tranquility!

4. PureSpa Jet Massage Spa Set

The other models of Intex hot tubs come with bubble jets set along the circumference, at the bottom of the seated area. This gives a general bubbling sensation, but not a firmer massage like you might get in a professional spa.


The Jet Massage Spa Set has 4 high-performance powered jets located around the inside of the spa unit, that will give you a more penetrating massage. The jets use heated air so won’t drop the temperature of the water.


The PureSpa Jet Massage series comes with an optional Saltwater Spa Sanitizer filtration system that means you don’t have to add harsh chemicals to keep the water clean which is better for your skin and your swim-wear.


This blow-up hot tub inflates in 20mins by attaching it to the pump unit, along with a pressure gauge. If the gauge shows that it’s over-inflated, the pin will swing into the red. You can release some pressure by pressing on the release valve until the pin drops down into the safe, green area.


The pump for this unit is quiet and the insulated cover locks really tightly to keep it child- and pet-safe and to help keep the heat in.


Things we liked –

  • The jets are much more powerful than the bubbling action of the other models. Great for a massage.
  • The optional Saltwater Spa Sanitizer is an excellent alternative to chemical water treatments
  • The jets use heated air


Things we didn’t like –

  • Some customers on Amazon have had problems with this model – pumps have been faulty, or they have leaked. Other customers seem really happy and prefer the jet massage over the air bubble action of the other models.


5. Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe

This could be the Daddy of the Intex hot tub world. Featuring 120 bubble jets located around the bottom circumference of the spa and 4 high-powered massage jets, this could offer the best of both worlds.


This model comes in an octagonal shape and is suitable for 4 people. The octagonal shape makes leaning against the walls much more comfortable and secure. You sit on the floor of the spa with these inflatable units, unless you purchase additional seating. With a circular spa you can slip around – with octagonal, everyone has their own space.


The footprint of the unit is 79 inches in diameter. The actual usable spa diameter, however is around 59 inches, with 28 inch high walls and a water capacity of 210 gallons. This model comes bundled with the Salt Water Sanitation system, so there’s no requirement for additional chlorine. It comes with a carry bag to aid transportation.


Things we liked –

  • Has both bubble jets AND massage jets for a more complete spa experience
  • Comes with the salt water sanitation system, negating the need for chemicals
  • Octagonal shape makes for more comfortable spa sharing experience


Things we didn’t like –

  • According to customer reviews, the temperature can drop up to 5 degrees when both bubble and massage jets are running.


Heating the water

  • Most reviews agree that it takes around 24 hours to reach full temperature.
  • They come with a thermal ground cloth that will help keep the temperature from dropping from contact with cold ground.
  • The insulated hot tub cover will successfully keep the heat in, whilst allowing you to lock the spa, which is a useful feature if you have young children or pets.
  • Each hot tub has a minimum / maximum water-fill indicator to ensure that the spa operates at optimum temperature.


How firm is this unit?

  • Traditional inflatables are a hollow unit that inflates when pumped with air, but will sag and bulge when you apply any pressure.
  • This isn’t great for a large unit that’s going to hold water – you don’t want a blow-up hot tub that feels like it’s built from Jello!
  • The Intex solution is Fiber-Tech beams – adjacent columns of air that reinforce themselves. If you stood on the end of a popsicle stick it would bend. However, if you lined them up next to each other in a row, they’ll support each other and won’t bend. That’s how these columns of air support the structure of the hot tub.
  • The Fiber-Tech beam system means that these Intex hot tubs won’t sag when you sit on the edge like a convention inflatable spa.


What kind of chemicals do I need?

  • All models featured come with a built-in hard water treatment system, preventing calcium build-up and creating more bubbles.
  • Most of the units include a floating chlorine dispenser
  • Chlorine tablets should last over a week at a time.
  • They dissolve more quickly in hotter water.
  • Replacement water filters cost around $12.50 (usually sold in packs of 2 @ £25) and should be replaced monthly if in permanent use.

So, which is the Best Intex Hot Tub?

On reflection, the Best Intex Hot Tub has to be the Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe. This hot tub offers the best of both worlds, with a great bubbling action from the base of the spa and 4 high-powered jets to give a really strong massage action – just like a spa pool in a gym. It comes with the Salt Water sanitiser system that’s better for people with skin sensitivity, and the octagonal shape makes this blow-up hot tub much more comfortable for you and your friends or family. The temperature drop reported when using both sets of jets could be overcome by intermittently using just the massage jets which work by heating the air up first.


If you’re looking for a hot tub but don’t have a permanent spot for it, then these Intex inflatables are definitely worthy of consideration. Great for a party, they can be packed away when not needed, and so portable you’ll be able to take it out on the road with you. Happy tubbing!

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