Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools – Guide

Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools

Knowing about the Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools holds importance due to chlorine’s role in your pool maintenance. It maintains your pool’s pH and prevents harmful microorganisms from sanitizing your pool.

Liquid Chlorine is always preferred compared to powder form chemicals because liquid chlorine quickly raises or maintains chlorine levels without increasing the stabilizer.

In this article, you will learn about best chlorine for vinyl and fiberglass pools in a unique way. We’ll describe the products best for your pool and the questions that may arise in your mind. 

So, after reading this article, you will become familiar with the Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools. You can make your pools safe and healthy for use by using them. 

Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools

Here is the list of the Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools:

  1. HTH Super Shock Treatment – Pool Chlorine Cleaner
  2. SpaChoice 472-3-3031-04 Granules Hot Tub Chlorine
  3. In the Swim, 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets – 50 pounds 
  4. In the Swim 1 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets – 10 Pounds 
  5. In the Swim Super Pool Shock – 6 x 1 Pound Bags
  6. In the Swim Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular – 5 Pound Bucket
  7. SpaGuard Enhanced Shock – 2 Pounds
  8. In the Swim Super Pool Opening Chemical Start-Up Kit – Up to 30,000 Gallons
  9. DryTec 1-1901-24 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools, 1-Pound, 24-Pack
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Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools

HTH Super Shock Treatment – Pool Chlorine Cleaner

  • 12 mar-proof nylon wheels
  • 19-inch body
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SpaChoice 472-3-3031-04 Granules Hot Tub Chlorine

  • Hose swivel connection of an inch to one and a half
  • Adjustable wheels that cause an increase or decrease in vacuum velocity
  • Wide flex strips for guiding debri
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Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

In the Swim, 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets – 50 pounds 

  • Powered by 8 A.A. batteries
  • Less than 3 pounds
  • Large leaf bag
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Pool Chlorine Tablets

In the Swim 1 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets – 10 Pounds

  • It is molded from ABS plastic
  • See-Thru triangular body
  • It comes with nylon bristles
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best pool cleaner for vinyl pools

In the Swim Super Pool Shock – 6 x 1 Pound Bags

  • 13-inch cleaning width
  • ABS vacuum body
  • A pair of adjustable air-relief valves
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Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular

In the Swim Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular – 5 Pound Bucket

  • Eight wheels built with urethane
  • 1.5-inch diameter pool hose
  • Metal handle material
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SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock – 2 Pounds

  • Quick-snap adapter
  • Systematically designed angled bristles
  • 2.8 pounds weight
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best robotic pool cleaner

In the Swim Super Pool Opening Chemical Start-Up Kit – Up to 30,000 Gallons

  • Weighted vacuum head
  • Has a half-moon design
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pool vacuum cleaner

DryTec 1-1901-24 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools, 1-Pound, 24-Pack

  • 1.5-inch suction port
  • It has a pole adapter
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Let’s get into the details of each Chlorine.

1. HTH Super Shock Treatment, Pool Chlorine Cleaner

HTH Super Shock! Pool Shock Treatment is the 4-in-1 strong pool shock intended to help chlorine levels to boost up, and it also prevents your pool from algae and bacteria and makes your pool safe and healthy. It is the best  Chlorine for Vinyl and fiberglass pools.


Each pound of Super Shock sneaks up suddenly, treating 13,500 gallons and reestablishing precious stone clearness in only 24 hours. This pool shock is incredible for all pool types and won’t blur your pool liner.

How to Apply?

Test and apply shock treatment to your pool consistently to keep free accessible chlorine levels somewhere in the range of 1 and 4ppm for sound swimming circumstances.


When you use this product, it will increase the Chlorine level of your pool and kill the harmful bacterias that are harmful to your pool and make your pool water clear and make it ready for fun all season long.


You can apply it directly to the pool water as needed. First of all, test the pool water and make your pool free of available chlorine use this product weekly to maintain the level between 1 and 4 ppm.


It is practical and suitable for swimming pools, especially vinyl and fiberglass pools. This product is very safe to use.

About HTH

HTH was created in light of the shopper, offering prudent and vital items for the most challenging positions inside HTH’s wide determination of things.

However, it offers all you want for your pool, from algaecides and stores, control recipes to non-chlorine shock medicines, strong surface cleaners, clarifiers, catalyst-based cleaners, etc.


  • It increases chlorine levels.
  • It kills and prevents your pool from bacteria and algae
  • Keeps water neat and clean
  • It shows results within 24 hours
  • 1 bag of this product treats 13,500 gallons
  • It will not fade vinyl pool liners

2. SpaChoice 472-3-3031-04 Granules Hot Tub Chlorine

Spa Choice Sanitizing Granules are intended to break down rapidly and totally. Chlorine granules give a consistent wellspring of accessible chlorine to spa water to control algae development, kill microorganisms and destroy organic impurities.


Spa decision chlorine granules are settled to safeguard against bright radiation from the sun, expanding the existence of your chlorine. This product is intended to break up rapidly,

And giving a consistent wellspring of accessible chlorine to control the development of green growth, kill microorganisms and annihilate natural impurities.

How to Apply?

Broadcast the item uniformly over a vast region, in the most profound piece of the spa with water coursing

Are Spa Sanitizing Granules the same as Chlorine?

Spa Choice Sanitizing Granules are intended to disintegrate rapidly and totally. Chlorine granules give a consistent wellspring of accessible chlorine to spa water to control algae development, kill microorganisms and remove natural impurities.


  • It helps re-oxidize the organic compounds such as ammonia, perspiration, and suntan lotion.
  • It also helps remove the chloramines and bromamines, which cause chlorine odor.
  • It dissolves quickly and thoroughly.
  • It is in the form of stabilized spa chlorine.
  • It also helps in controlling algae.

3. In the Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets – 50 pounds

The Swim 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets are thicker than other pool chlorine tablets, permitting them to break up increasingly, slowing your pool water for longer. 

Additionally, 3-inch chlorine tablets are the best size for your floaters or programmed feeders. These industry-driving chlorine tabs have 90% accessible balanced-out chlorine for enduring disinfecting power, floaters, or programmed feeders.

These industry-driving chlorine tabs have 90% accessible balanced-out chlorine for dependable cleaning power. 


  • It helps protect against algae and bacteria in your pool water to make it clean, clear, and free from all types of algae.
  • It kills all types of bacteria.
  • Protect your pool from sunlight to make it last longer
  •  It may be  different in packaging, but the results are the same

According to the general rule, stabilized chlorine tablets last two to three days. It also depends on the pool types, their period of lasting varies according to the pool type.


One 3-Inch tablet of Chlorine can quickly treat up to 5000 gallons of water. It varies according to the size of the tablet.

How to Apply?

First of all, measure the total volume of your pool up to the nearest unit of 5,000 gallons. For example, if your pool has a capacity of 20,000 gallons, you should add 4 chlorine tablets of 3-inch. Here are three ways to put chlorine tablets in the pool.

i- Use a Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Add the Chlorine tablets to the floating device. It starts floating onto the water and dissolves the chlorine tablets slowly. But there are some problems with this method. A floating Chlorine dispenser can:

  • Get Stuck behind Ladders
  • Get Stuck behind steps
  • Rub against liners and bleach them

So it is proved that this method is not very good to use, that’s why we don’t recommend this version but it certainly something to consider.

ii- Add Chlorine Tablets to the Skimmer

However, it takes chlorine through. It is better to add the chlorine tablets directly to your skimmer basket because water constantly moves in the skimmer basket. As long as o pump and filter are running, the chlorine dissolves much faster.

However, it takes chlorine through your filter system and pushes it out through the return jets, fully dispersing it in your entire pool.

iii- Use an Automatic Chlorinator

The best way to dissolve Chlorine Tablets into the water is by using an automatic Chlorinator installed in your filter system; it entirely dispenses it in your pool water and helps chlorinate your pool well.

4- In the Swim 1 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets – 10 Pounds 

1 Inch Chlorine Tablets break down leisurely for even appropriation of sanitizer and can be considered as best chlorine for vinyl and fiberglass pools. These tablets are viable with a wide range of synthetic feeders and floaters. 1″ tablets are regularly utilized in more modest pools and spas because the dose is more controllable. 

1-inch chlorine tablets are best apportioned in a floater or compound feeder for predictable disinfection. Putting them in the skimmer can make the tablets break down at a speed-up, rate-making chlorine level conflicting. 

However, the 1-inch tablets are enclosed in amounts of 53-60 to meet DOT guidelines. Wrapped tablets produce less off-gassing and have a more extended timeframe of realistic usability.

Chlorine Tablets Sizes

There are two sizes of Chlorine tablets, 1- inch and 3- inch. Both have the same purpose of use and show the same results. 

Dissolving time of the Product

Little 20g chlorine tablets will disintegrate gradually over 3-7 days relying upon water stream, water temperature, and hot tub utilization.

Effect of Chlorine Tablets on pH

pH naturally increases in gunite pools, while the chlorine tablets lower the pH. It is one of the additional advantages of Trichlor tabs. Overuse tablets can make water more acidic, affecting the plaster surfaces, pool equipment, and swimmer skin and eyes.

5- In the Swim Super Pool Shock – 6 x 1 Pound Bags

It is one of the strongest start-up and algae-killing pool products and is best chlorine for vinyl and fiberglass pools. The Swim’s super pool shock is a strong 73% accessible chlorine shock recipe that will rapidly destroy green growth, microscopic organisms, and other harmful substances from your pool.

Moreover, pool super shock is a multi-purpose sanitizer and shock treatment. In the swimming pool, super shock keeps up with splendidly clear water. 


Usually, you’ll require one pound for each 10,000 to 13,500 gallons of pool water for granular shock. It works efficiently with the north of 8 million private pools across the US, from 5 thousand gallons to more than 30 thousand gallons.

Is Super Shock the same as Chlorine?

No, both are not the same thing. Shock has a more extreme compound strength than conventional chlorine sanitizers, and it additionally varies by the way you ought to apply it to your pool.

Advantages of Super Shock Treatment

  • It is a super powerful and effective Chlorine Shock Treatment
  • It quickly changes the cloudy water into crystal clear
  • It quickly removes all harmful bacteria from your pool water
  • It is ideal for regular maintenance

Time to Run the Filter after Shock Treatment

You should run the filter minimum for 6 hours after shocking a swimming pool. It allows the filter to clean the water and gives the shock enough time to mix with the pool water thoroughly.

However, running the filter for 24 hours to 7 days after shocking is essential if the pool has many algae.

Side Effects of Excessive Usage of Super Pool Shock 

The shock treatment in excessive amounts will produce more algae from chlorine due to the disproportionate amount of chlorine that oxidizes the copper in the water. 

Moreover, you can use shock treatment with a few different types of pool shock. Just have a look at how much you are using. 

How long Pool Shock lasts?

So assuming you purchase fluid shock, know that it just endures one to two months at the most before it begins to lose viability. 

While many pool synthetic compounds stay great for quite a long time whenever put away accurately, some pool-support supplies terminate rapidly.

6- In the Swim Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular – 5 Pound Bucket

Pool shock medicines are a fundamental part of spring pool opening however can likewise be utilized to give your pool speedy chlorine support. 

However, Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular is a solid pool shock treatment utilized to eliminate algae, microbes, and other destructive water substances. It is likewise a great shock to use for Spring pool openings.

Moreover, utilize Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular to kill noticeable algae and undetectable microscopic organisms, which could cause disease to the swimmers. 

And, your everyday chlorination of the pool will kill most microorganisms and different toxins. To ensure that the water is sterile, it is ideal to super chlorinate by stunning the pool-like clockwork.

Doing this likewise permits you to oxidize everything in the water, particularly the different foreign substances that might exist in the water.

Usage of Sodium Di-Chlor Chlorine Granular

Granular chlorine is broadly accessible and officially acknowledged by general wellbeing controllers worldwide for chlorination cycles. It is like drinking water sanitization or pool chlorination.

Which is better, Liquid or Granular Chlorine?

Liquid chlorine might be a decent decision assuming you have a vast pool, yet the expenses and the accessible chlorine per pound could imply that chlorine granules are the better choice. 

Eventually, fluid chlorine and chlorine granules will continue their business and keep your pool spotless and clear.

Can Chlorine Granular use instead of Tablets?

Chlorine granules, in the interim, are dissipated over a pool. Their more modest consistency and lower focus blend make them significantly more appropriate.

However, for this reason, we prefer Chlorine granular as compared to chlorine tablets, as they break up more without any problem. Thus, it empowers them to battle pool microorganisms significantly more rapidly.

Features of the Product:

  • It is a powerful and quick-dissolving shock treatment
  • It is best for regular maintenance
  • In the product, the main active ingredient is 99% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione Dihydrate (Sodium Di-Chlor), with a minimum of 56% available chlorine.
  • It does not contain calcium.
  • Its pH is balanced.

7- SpaGuard Enhanced Shock – 2 Pounds

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock is a multi-purpose shock with four capacities in one: shocks, purifier, flocculent, and pH cushion. That’s why its added to the list of best chlorine for vinyl and fiberglass pools.

Reestablishes water shimmer, removes disagreeable scents, treats, and absorbs when 15 minutes. Compatible with Chlorine or brominated spas and those utilizing ozone or ionization frameworks.


This product produces a lower chlorine remaining level than standard chlorine shocks. Reestablishes water shimmer and eliminates unbearable smells.

However, bathers can rapidly get back to the spa, generally in around 15 minutes. Buffers assist with keeping pH in range, so the water stays adjusted.

This product is blended with both chlorine and MPS (shock) for easy one-shot dosing. When people use spas, they leave undesirable compounds like body oil, perspiration, and cosmetics that can irritate the skin, burn eyes and create odors.

The spa shock treatment breaks down organic contaminants to clear and clean the water. Potassium peroxymonosulfate is a chlorine-free shock treatment that oxidizes pollutants in water.

How to Use?

Add 1 capful of SpaGuard Spa Shock to the water after each utilization. If utilizing the spa consistently, do 3x every week. It is prescribed to test and change free chlorine at 3-5ppms with SpaGuard Chlorine Concentrate.

Are Spaguard Chemicals good to Use?

With verified success, SpaGuard items are known for conveying dependable outcomes and making spa care less intricate. SpaGuard sellers communicate a broad line of spa arrangements that match your one-of-a-kind requirements.

Does SpaGuard improve shock non-chlorine?

SpaGuard’s Spa Shock empowers spa proprietors to utilize a non-chlorine-based shock treatment. It settles your spas pH level to forestall any skip and create precious stone clearness in your water by eliminating waste of any tiny natural foreign substances missed by the sifting framework.

How would you utilize Spaguard shock oxidizer?

  • Bearings for utilizing oxidizer
  • Add one ounce for every 300 gallons of your hot tub consistently.
  • Assuming the spa is utilized every day, add one ounce for every 300 gallons two times seven days.
  • Test your water consistently and add sanitizer, as demonstrated by your test strips.

How would you utilize Spaguard chlorinating concentrate?

Just add to spa water while the siphon is running. It breaks up totally to begin sanitizing your spa. Chlorinating Concentrate is pH impartial to guarantee no effect on your artificially adjusted spa water. This concentrate can be utilized in standard dosages as a sanitizer and in shock portions as an oxidizer.

Would you be able to utilize Spaguard upgraded shock with bromine?

Upgraded Shock is viable with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and ionization cleaning frameworks, as well as being pH supported to forestall changes to the sensitive pH equilibrium of your spa.

8- In the Swim Super Pool Opening Chemical Start-Up Kit – Up to 30,000 Gallons

It prevents and eliminates mineral stains brought about by iron, copper, and magnesium. It also forestalls scale development around the waterline and in the pipes.

Stain, Rust, and Scale Preventer

It kills and forestalls a wide range of green growth, including green and yellow mustard green growth. You can apply it to inground or above-ground pools and spas. 

This non-frothing recipe won’t cloud the pool water. Pool Algaecide is non-metallic, protected with well water, and is protected to swim after use.

Chlorine Shock

 A fundamental part of spring pool opening and can likewise give your pool a fast chlorine help whenever. Super Pool Shock is our most impressive shock treatment. 

And it Kills the most challenging green growth and microorganisms and other unsafe water foreign substances.


It coagulates soil, oil, and different impurities. Quick and biodegradable, this won’t influence substance balance. Because of the exceptional filtration that DE Filters give, it isn’t suggested that this item be utilized with a DE pool channel.

Sun Sorb

It absorbs multiple times its weight in non-living natural foreign substances (body oil and salve) left on the outer layer of the water. Keeps impurities out of the pipes and filtration framework to assist with keeping up with legitimate stream and course rates.

Chemicals needed for Pool Start-Ups

  • Stain and Scale Preventer.
  • Granular Shock Chlorine.
  • Chlorine Tablets.
  • pH Increaser and additionally pH Decreaser.
  • Alkalinity and additionally Calcium Increaser.
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)
  • Algaecide and Clarifiers if necessary.
  • Complete Test Kit or Test Strips.

When Should we use Chemicals in the Pool?

Truth be told, a proper request to add your pool synthetic compounds after opening your pool or even keeping up with your pool.

Best Method to Prevent Algae growth from Pool

The ideal way to forestall green growth in pools is with reliable chlorine levels of 2-4 ppm, with long, compelling everyday channel runs, excellent water equilibrium, and the week after week utilization of a decent pool algaecide.

Can You Swim in a Pool with high pH?

Certainly, however, realize that chlorine in the water may not be as successful as it regularly would, and you might be presenting yourself to destructive microorganisms. 

Moreover, the water can likewise turn shady, and your pool sides might scale because of basic water.

Alkalinity Balance, pH up, pH down, Calcium Balance, Water Stabilizer, and clarifier are all swim-safe synthetic substances. Stand by around 20 minutes, and you are allowed to swim.

9- DryTec 1-1901-24 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools, 1 Pound, 24-Pack

For each 1ppm of free chlorine (FC) in your pool, calcium hypochlorite adds around 0.8 ppm of calcium into the pool water. It likewise helps with different water treatments to limit green growth and oxidize chloramines and synthetics. 

However, a pool is sufficiently disinfected somewhere between 1.0 and 4.0 ppm. 

How to Use?

Use the whole substance of the pack when opened. If any granules settle to the lower part of the pool, use a brush to scatter them. Add the suggested measurements of this item during evening hours while the channel siphon is running. 

However, while adding this item to your pool, broadcast the item equally over a vast region in the most profound piece of the pool. Assuming any granules settle to the lower part of the pool, use a brush to scatter.


A direct proportion and a standard guideline to observe when you shock your pool are to break down one pound of either calcium hypochlorite or sodium dichlorine for every 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Is this Product is Good to use for Pools?

High-strength calcium hypochlorite (65%) has been generally utilized as a sanitizing specialist in pools and city water treatment beginning around 1928. It is an advantageous wellspring of accessible chlorine, perhaps the most broadly involved synthetic for cleaning pool water.

Does Calcium Hypochlorite Raise Chlorine Levels?

You have a 60,000-gallon pool with a free accessible chlorine level of 1 ppm (mg/l). You need to raise the chlorine level to 10 ppm. 

However, the item name expresses that 20 ounces of calcium hypochlorite will raise the chlorine level by 10 ppm in 10,000 gallons of water.

When Should We Use Pool After Adding The Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine?

It is prescribed to stand by somewhere around 20 minutes to an hour after adding water and adjusting synthetic substances. You ought to stand by 2-4 hours (or one complete cycle through the channel) to swim from the second you use calcium chloride in your pool. 

However, It is protected to swim once your chlorine levels are around 5 ppm or 24 hours.

Can We Use Calcium Hypochlorite Instead Of Chlorine?

It works very much like some other kind of chlorine. In the wake of adding calcium hypochlorite to your pool, the chlorine rapidly responds with the water to frame Hydrochloric Acid.

But keep in mind that calcium hypochlorite or cal-hypo contains calcium, while sodium hypochlorite doesn’t. If these are blended, it can respond with sodium hypochlorite and structure poisonous chlorine gas.

Does Calcium Hypochlorite raises Alkalinity?

As well as raising accessible chlorine, cal hypo helps pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness (CH) levels. Trichlor meaningfully affects pH and alkalinity – decreasing them.

What Happens When Calcium Hypochlorite Is Added To Water?

Calcium hypochlorite has the sub-atomic recipe of Ca(ClO)2 and a sub-atomic load of 142.974 g/mol. Its CAS number is 7778-54-3. Its particular gravity is 1.21 g/cm3. 

However, at the point when disintegrated in water, it can give incipient chlorine and oxygen to clean pool water or modern wastewater.

FAQs:  Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools

Try not to swim in water with chlorine levels over 10 ppm. Instead, swim in around 5 ppm. Your chlorinator is turned up excessively high. In any case, you risk natural skin disturbance and loads of distress.

(Sodium dichloro-s - triazinetrione) or Di-Chlor for short is the chlorine you must use for all vinyl pools. Di-Chlor is quick dissolving - It won't sit on the vinyl and destroy it.

Yes, Vinyl pools need Calcium. For vinyl pools, calcium ought to be between 150-250 ppm. A low level can bring about frothing, which is unsavory however shouldn't hurt the liner.

 Assuming calcium hardness goes over 400 ppm, you will probably see a white, flaky outside layer on the liner and pool gear.

The best practice is to break down chlorine tablets in a watering can and empty the arrangement into your pool afterward. 

However, fluid chlorine can be added right away, which ought to be spilled out to quite a specific pool region. Ensure chlorine water is promptly upset, scattered, and coursed.


We have explained briefly about Best Chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools. By reading the article, you have learned different paths of knowledge about the best chlorine for Vinyl and Fiberglass Pools in trendy and most accessible ways.

However, liquid chlorine is one of the best chemicals to free your pool from all bacteria. After using it, you will enjoy the best cleanliness and sparkling clean pool in your time.

Moreover, it is essential to take safety measures while using these chemicals to make yourself safe from their reactions. So in this article, you have learned about the best products that will give the best results regarding your problems.